Jammin’ Sunset Harbor Tour

Jammin' Sunset Harbor Tours


What is better than experiencing a Charleston sunset harbor sky?

Doing so on our Tiki Boat. Whether you are visiting or live here, what better way is there to wind a day down in Charleston? With raging jams — Bob Marley cover style, of course!

Everything is a little better with good tunes. The boat will be rocking and no one but you and the people you want will be able to come knocking. That’s right: the ocean is ours (like, for real — the sky’s the limit to make you smile).

The whole idea is to sit back, relax, and let the groove take over. If our jams don’t help you chill, ain’t nothing gonna. Grab some cold beverages, book a tour, and come enjoy one of the best sunsets on one of the best boats on the East Coast!