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In 2006, Sam Pannier, founder and owner of Tiki Tours of Charleston, moved to Charleston. After living on Sullivan’s Island, the sea stole his heart, and his love for watersports was born, leading to the launch of his first watersport venture, Hidrofly LLC. 

After several years of providing amazing water experiences, he decided to elevate his endeavors. He wanted folks to gather, laugh, and soak in joy on the water and thats when the idea of Tiki Tours of Charleston was born. 

In 2018, he acquired a 40-foot pontoon boat and transformed it into ‘The Friki Tiki’. A 32 passenger Tiki boat, with plenty of cooler space, a restroom, and an unobstructed view of Charleston from the water.

Tiki Tours of Charleston offers one of the most scenic and relaxing ways to experience the number one tourist destination in the world: The Charleston Harbor! Take a cruise on the “Friki Tiki”, and feel the cool sea breeze as you enjoy a sunset cruise, live music, bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate event, or your own Special Event!

Learn more about our cruise offerings or book a private event HERE.  

check our new location and new boat

We are now extending our business to Myrtle Beach, SC, with a new 18-passenger boat named ‘The Friki Tiki Jr,’ a nod to the original boat. 

Visit Tiki Tours of Myrtle Beach to book a cruise with us in Myrtle Beach.