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book a Private, Semi-Private
or public tour Cruise in Charleston SC

Whether you are a 15 girl bachelorette party trying to tear up the dance floor or a couple trying to enjoy a romantic sunset, we have a tour for you.  With a capacity of 32 passengers, we have lots of options for all kinds of party sizes.
Check out the options below to find the right fit for you!

*All tours include coolers, ice, waters, snacks, bathroom, and sound system.  BYOB and additional food (no hard liquor).  
Call us when you park if you need help carrying supplies to the boat.*    


Private Cruise

As the name states – it’s private, it’s a cruise, and, of course, it’s a party!  What’s better than having a giant party boat just for you and your closest friends!?  Not much, that’s right.  It’s the perfect option for groups with anywhere from 10-32 people who want to have a good time with just the people they know.  It’s a lot easier to belt that Whitney Houston and dance like there’s no tomorrow when you’re cruising with just your squad (plus captain and 1st mate, but, hey, we don’t judge).

Another big pro of the Private Party Cruise is customization.  You have more flexibility with super awesome add-ons as well as less limitations on start times and charter durations.  For example, while our semi-private cruises are only available Friday and Saturday, you can book a private party cruise any day of the week!  You’re also able to turn up the party with add-on options like a DJ, live music, catering, stocked coolers, bartenders or a photographer.  Check out our “Add-On” page for ideas on how to take your party cruise to the next level!

SEMI-Private Cruise

I’m not going to lie to you – some of the most fun parties we’ve ever had have been on one of our semi-private cruises.  Only offered on Fridays and Saturdays, these tours were made specifically for bachelor and bachelorette parties visiting the Charleston area.  And because you guys are visiting Charleston attempting to have as much fun as humanly possible, we decided to pair you up and double (sometimes triple) that fun.  This tour is truly what gives the boat its name, the Friki Tiki.

At close to half the price of our private charters, this tour is a perfect way to save some money while having an even better time.  If you’re coming to Charleston with a bachelor or bachelorette party and looking for some serious floating-club-on-the-water vibes, then our semi-private party cruise is the right choice for you!

Booze Cruise Charleston SC


Jammin' sunset Cruise

While the Friki Tiki might get a little wild on the weekends, it definitely dials back to a calm, PG-rated atmosphere on our live music public tours.  Offered every Tuesday and Thursday evening, it’s a perfect tour for individuals, families, couples or anyone looking to relax and appreciate a beautiful sunset from our beautiful waterways.  Having some acoustic live music in the background makes it even better!   A local Charleston musician is on board every tour, taking requests and serenading us into the sunset.  There aren’t too many better ways to wind down the day.