The Friki Tiki Charleston Comedy Tour

The Friki Tiki Charleston Comedy Tour

Yep, that is what we named it, the Friki Tiki Charleston Comedy Tour. Why?

Because it’s all about Charleston, it’s on a Tiki Boat, and it is Frikin hilarious (see what we did there?).

And speaking of frikin hilarious, our amazing semi-professional (or maybe not so much, but still damn funny) crew of mates are going to have you rolling in your seat.

Laugh your butt off

Whether it’s your very attractive and charming tour guide, Sam (the author of this), or a modern-day jet ski-riding pirate, Captain Wackbeard, you are in for a seriously entertaining treat.

So hop on board, catch the spirit of fun, bring a six-pack or bottle of wine (one per group) to get the laughter juiced up, and be ready to be entertained. We might even sneak in a few fun facts about Charleston and its history, but only if there is a laugh attached.

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So what are you waiting for?

The funniest day of your life is sitting in the harbor just waiting for you to show up….

No, for real - we are waiting for you! Where are you?