The Best Things to do on the Water in Charleston, South Carolina

Both locals and tourists are drawn to Charleston for its charm and proximity to the water. With hot summers and mild winters, so much time can be spent at or near the ocean in Charleston. And with an abundance of water activities, an abundance of time with family and friends can be spent engaged in water activities.

Around downtown Charleston, the harbor, and the surrounding islands, you can get on the water in countless ways: on a boat or a board; on the beach or on a dock; for swimming or for surfing. Each water activity brings along a different satisfaction, with different views or a beautiful, historic city with impressive wildlife and natural scenery.

Whether you’re visiting or on a permanent vacation in Charleston, SC, here are some of our favorite water activities to enjoy.

Charleston Tiki Tours. We offer private and semi-private tiki tours for fun in the sun on the water with family and friends. Ideal for showcasing the beauty of Charleston while enjoying laughter and cocktails with friends, our tours depart out of Brittlebank Park and will provide a venue for memories you will never forget. If your group is looking for a chartered sunset tour in Charleston, contact us today!

Historical Tours. There is so much history to delve into in Charleston. While walking tours and carriage tours are popular go-tos for history lessons, there is a lot to be learned via boat as well. Fort Sumter tours are a popular way to spend a day on the water. In addition to learning about the island where the civil war began, these tours offer a beautiful view of the city skyline and dolphins jumping through the water.

Water Sports. Whether swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing, kite surfing, or some other water sport is your “thing,” Charleston has it. Take surfing lessons on Folly Beach, paddle board down Shem Creek, or kitesurf on Sullivans Island. All provide a great deal of exercise and fun, while experiencing Charleston weather and scenery from the water.

Fishing. There is so much sea life to be found in the waters surrounding Charleston. Fishing enthusiasts can experience both inshore or offshore fishing in our waters. There are many companies that will take both beginners and experienced anglers through marsh land or 20 miles out to try their luck at catching dinner.

There is a water activity for people of all personalities and interests in Charleston. With our beautiful scenery and climate, a day spent on or near the water is a day well spent.

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